chicken or egg

Thinking of building your new home, who do you go and see first The Designer or The Builder, tough one to answer but in my opinion you go the Designer first where we sit down with you the client and discuss what kind of Project you would like to have built. As Designers we document your dreams so that they can become a reality through a Builder. If you go to a Builder first and ask them to prepare the Design you immediately fall into the trap of losing the Copyright of your dream in the event that it exceeds your budget you will not be able to take the builders design concept to another builder to get a comparison budget, however when you go to the Designer first we prepare the documents for you where you own the Copyright for the particular Project and then you can distribute it to as many Builders as you like and this puts you the client in the box seat when it comes to the tender process.

So if you are thinking of building give me a call on 0400 570 355 and lets see what we can Design for you.